Building Skills for Life and Work

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The Change for Better

Life has changed in so many ways. Life has become real in so many ways. Better things have come, worst things have left. Life will get better if you just continue to strive for your best. If you keep going and keep up your hard work, you will know that life will be better. It's always better things out there than what you are doing; it's always better things that come. You have to know success is the key to being better.

- Jasmine, 2015 Anthology
Don't Stop!!!

Don't Stop! Go.
Don't Stop! Keep it pushing.
Don't Stop! Stay focused.
Don't Stop! Try your best.
Don't Stop! Be Humble.
Don't Stop! Don't quit.
Don't Stop! Until you're finished.

- Shantel Williams, 2015 Anthology

Hard work over talent - that's the key to success
Failure is not an option so I'm trying my best
I don't think money sleeps, so why should I rest
I just want a mil don't have to second guess
Like LeBron and D Wade, I'm on the winning team
I don't care what you say I'm going to chase my DREAM!

- Andrew Spears, 2015 Anthology

Accomplishments are things you complete in life when you finish things. It is the best feeling you can have to put your mind to whatever yo uwant to do and to do your best. Keep pushing, never give up, and you will come out on top.

- Davieyon Amest, 2015 Anthology

Creating Collective Impact

Up Alliance offers a continuum of services for adults looking to move Up, regardless of starting point. We reach students learning to read, gaining English language skills, preparing for high school equivalency tests, and earning industry recognized career credentials- all important skills for life and work! Our approach is innovative, with Up Alliance serving as the backbone of a collective effort. Up Alliance launched in 2005 with the task of implementing a community-wide literacy plan, and while our strategies have evolved, our work remains collaborative.

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News and Events

Book Fair to #SupportUp – December 11 & 12
Bistro for Up Alliance – September 20
Now accepting student submissions for 9th Annual Student Anthology

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